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We develop, optimize and globally patent our BIPV product called Chapa Solar.

HD Fotovoltaica has developed the first solar-efficient sheet metal on the market, capable of generating clean energy thanks to the sun. A solar sheet, which in addition to generating photovoltaic energy can be used as a roof or walls, which are part of the structure of a building.

In this way, our product is capable of providing photovoltaic energy generation, while producing savings in the final cost of the building, due to the reduction of conventional construction materials and savings in assembly and installation that are normally used to build, where our photovoltaic products are installed. All photovoltaic integration solutions in buildings (BIPV in English) are 100% adapted to the requirements of each project.



Our product is unique, robust, lightweight and simple to install. Being able to be used to roof large commercial, rural establishments, warehouses, greenhouses and transforming them into photovoltaic parks. As well as in homes, parking lots, electric car chargers, etc.

  • Up to 6 meters long.

  • Simple installation 

  • Does not carry cleaning maintenance.

  • Light and easy to carry .

  • Anti Hail.

  • Generate 20 years of energy.





  • Farming.

  • Cattle Raising.

  • Silos.

  • Collection machines.

  • Allows to incorporate an efficient energy model.

For self consumption:

  • Residential.

  • Business.

  • Business.

  • Public and private buildings.

  • Sheds or Houses.

  • Parking lots.

  • Electric car charger.

  • Service stations.

  • Large shopping malls.





We place special emphasis on the Agriculture and Livestock industry, since they are the most productive places on earth for solar energy. If at least 20% of agricultural land is combined with photovoltaic, it would be enough to satisfy the world demand for electrical energy.

That is why we produce two models of photovoltaic support:


Hyper light support. Transparent, allowing sunlight to pass through and giving it natural lighting, ideal for a greenhouse, the material we use is crystalline polycarbonate, weighing  3.5 kg x m² and generating 75 watts x m². Hail resistant, used directly as a roof. No dust adheres. Excellent aesthetic format, being able to adapt to different ceiling formats.

Galvanized Support: Covers large surfaces. Ideal for Silos. Collecting. Poultry. Sheds. Hail resistant. It is used directly as a roof. No dust adheres.


Installation videos

Our HD project: Sustainable photovoltaic neighborhoods

Self-Sustainable Photovoltaic Neighborhoods: Our goal is to enhance the value of the land and the growing need for housing throughout the world and transform the neighborhoods into a photovoltaic plant or solar park, not only for self-consumption, but also for supplying electricity to the grid.


From HD Fotovoltaica, we like to think of our solutions as a key factor for a significant change in the energy model, necessary to guarantee a sustainable legacy for future generations.

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