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solar pumping for rural use

With the increase in rational grazing and its variants, whether in natural fields or artificial pastures, more and more producers are considering how to solve the water supply for their livestock, either through drinkers in social areas, or directly in the plots or every four plots.

In places where windmills exist, the progressive replacement and substitution by solar pumping is gaining strength. Where there are no windmills and a new well is being built, the producer is also leaning towards solar pumping. Even if the property has a 220V network, it is often convenient to install solar pumps for more remote locations.

It also solves the problem of surface water extraction, whether from streams, reservoirs or similar. Of course, solar pumping is also being used to solve the water supply for rural housing.


Advantages of solar pumping observed by the producer:

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly solution: Solar energy is a renewable resource, and solar pumps produce no harmful emissions.

  • Remote area viability: They can be used in remote locations where there is no access to electricity.

  • Quick and easy installation: The pump can be installed in just one day, minimizing disruption.

  • Low maintenance: Solar pumps require minimal maintenance, saving time and money.

  • Environmental benefits: They are a clean and renewable source of energy, which helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The innovation of our polycarbonate sheets makes them perfects for greenhouses, being able to use them for walls or roof with high resistance to hail.

As we say in HD Photovoltaic: Make your greenhouses a photovoltaic field, you not only optimize your crops but also become a power generator.

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